Options for Choosing the Revised Size as well as Cancellation & Refund

Dated: Sep 16, 2019

Dear Member,

As per the decision of AGM  dated 22.08.2019, the option for choosing the revised size as well as cancellation in light of reduction in FAR under MPD 2021, has been activated. Refund would be carried out for all those who would opt for it, in one go.

Refer to point 8(1) of MOM of AGM, those members who are desperate for refund against  cancellation, may plan for the same against deposit by any of his/her known members option to deposit as per the choice, provided that the amount of refund is lower or equal to refund. Such members need to submit the details of the amount deposited (membership no. of member & name of the member who had deposited, amount, cheque/RTGS Ref and date of payment) on the reverse of the cancellation request form. For any further queries, society office may be contacted.